Mental Health

“The average American citizen does not witness in a lifetime what some police officers witness in a month.”
- Violanti (1996)

  • Every 17 hours a law enforcement officer commits suicide

  • 75% of police are divorced

  • 85% of first responders experience symptoms of PTSD

  • 26% of LE medical retirement is due to psychological ill health

Line of Duty Deaths

“The average American citizen does not witness in a lifetime what some police officers witness in a month.”
- Violanti (1996)

  • A total of 1,511 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty during the past 10 years, an average of one death every 58 hours.

  • Every 10 minutes in the US a police officer is assaulted.

  • The average cost for a police officer’s funeral is $100,000

  • In the last 5 years there were 235 soldiers killed in combat. During the same timeframe, there were 733 police officers killed in the line of duty.


The Georgia Law Enforcement Organization provides many services, and these services will grow with the organization over time. The services will be broken down into phases, and each phase will be implemented as the organization progresses.

  • Legal Services (On duty, or personal)
    Our legal service fully funds your legal representation in the event of a use of force situation on duty, and offers any legal service needed on a personal level at a member discounted rate.

  • Injured Officer Support
    This is a coordinated effort by our volunteers to initiate and operate fundraisers and events to supplement your income in the event that you are out of work for an extended period of time. This gives your family the ability to focus on you and your recovery while we do the rest.

  • Funeral Support
    We will support your family in any way possible in the event that you give the ultimate sacrifice during the course of your duties.

  • Mental Health Assistance
    Our medical, professional, and religious resources are unlimited when to comes to mental health. We understand that approaching your agency for help can cause unwanted attention, so we have a team of third party professionals who are ready and willing to help you.

  • Accidental Death Policy/Fund
    If you give the ultimate sacrifice during the course of your duties, we will immediately pay $5,000 to your designated beneficiary to assist with initial costs. As the organization progresses, this will be increased to your most recent 12-month gross income to give your family the ability to adjust to this life altering event.

  • Annual Conference
    Our annual conference will be held each year in Georgia and consist of a multi-day training seminar, job fair, vendor show, and shooting competitions. Your membership will cover your entry to the conference and enter you to win numerous prizes at our raffle drawing.

  • Grants for Children of Fallen Officers
    If you were a member of Georgia-LEO at the time of your duty related death, all of your existing children are eligible for our Blue Angel Grant. This grant consists of $5,000 to be paid towards any adult education cost of their choice.

  • Job Board
    Our job board is currently under development and will consist of law enforcement agency job vacancies from all over the state. They will be listed in one location so that you can effectively compare their salaries and benefits side by side to make a more informed decision for your career.

  • Firearms Instructors for Retirees
    We will offer Georgia POST certified firearms instructors for retirees to maintain their retirement status. All you will need to do is call a number, pick a date to requalify, and show up to the predetermined range on that date.

  • Social Network Platform
    We currently have 3 social media platforms that we maintain. A public Facebook page (Georgia Law Enforcement), a private Facebook Group only for law enforcement professionals to connect with each other (Georgia Law Enforcement Group), and on Twitter (Georgia Law Enforcement).

  • Speciality Equipment Donation Program
    Through federal grants from the Justice Department, and other federal agencies, we will donate speciality items to agencies who lack the funding and support for these necessary items.



Our job board will contain LE
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